Vision/Business EurasTech

The best technology trading company with customer’s credibility

Ltd. Eurastech is pursuing integrity in Europe and Asia as the primary mental skills.

  • 1. Transfer of Russian Technology

    Identification of excellent technologies to be sold through the network in Russia.

    • Technologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
    • Technologies of the Ukraine Academy of Sciences.
    • Technologies of the Belorussian universities and research institutes.
    • Utilize the network with Russian technology trading organizations.

    Evaluation of technological feasibility.

    • Identify registered patents
    • Evaluate the possibility of commercializing technologies.

    Negotiation and Conclusion of Contract

    • Make out a contract in Russian.
    • Assist negotiation by providing Russian interpretation services.

    Technical assistance

    • Invite Russian scientists to Korea.
    • Monitor and check the contractual process.

    Examples of technology sale – machinery

    1. Structuring of surfaces of metal parts.
    2. Energy saving equipment for spray application ( CDS- HVOF )

  • 2. Consulting Services during the Technology Transfer Process

    Identify Technology : discover excellent technologies

    → make sure the inventor’s intention to sell. 
    → the inventions should be above the level of prototypes.

    Select Technology : review technology and its marketability.

    → appraise technology’s marketability and feasibility.

    Identify Buyers : discover potential buyers.

    → discover potential buyers who want technology transfer.

    Negotiation : timely and active negotiation.

    → allocate a technology trading professional

    Technology Transfer Contract : clarify terms and conditions of contract.

    → assist in preparing a reasonable technology transfer contract.

    Commercialize Technology : control a milestone.

    → provide technical assistance, collect royalties on seller’s behalf and etc.

  • 3. Intellectual Technology Matching System

    We have developed Intellectual Technology Matching System in order to perform technology trade and overseas marketing.

    Major functions of Intellectual Technology Matching System

    • a database of 1,000 Russian companies, experts and technologies.

    • a database of 2,000 Korean companies, experts and technologies.

    • automatic matching of companies according to the keyword of technologies.

    • appraise technology and its marketability.

    • send E-mails on a large scale for marketing technology.

  • 4. MICE Service

    As a PCO, EurasTech Corp. organize exhibitions, academic conferences, presentation sessions, seminars, and other meetings and events to connect Korean and Eurasian businesses. Also, we provide market research, buyer matching programs, exhibition and convention promotion, consultation and marketing/PR services to domestic firms, Russians mid-sized firms, Russian governmental organization, research institutes, and universities.

    *Customized services for clients:

    - Arrangement of visits and meetings with customer preferred firm

    - Participation of exhibition as an agent, B2B consultation

    - Event-planning, international conference, seminar, and workshops

    - Industrial tourism, business tourism, medical tourism, etc

    - Simultaneous interpretation and translation services for a wide array of sectors of business are available in Russian, Chinese, Uzbek, Kazakh, English, and more.